Get Out the Vote at Model A Days




Ladies come to Sharon Wisconsin and join the rally!!

Sure, there will be rabblerousing protests from some of the men, but we can out-shout them, Ladies!

The period clothing, the antique cars,  and all the special things that take you into the past at this event will make the Suffrage Movement come alive! Join in the parade and kick up your heels!

Go to: for details or call FRIENDS Board Member Frank Beaman 608-987-1199.

The spirit lives on in Sharon.

The Friends of the Wisconsin Historical Society will present an
educational event in Sharon, WI on Sunday, June 6, 2010, designed to
broaden public understanding of the widespread demonstrations in the
struggle for the right of women to vote.

The FWHS  event will be a part of the 14th Annual
celebration of “Model A Day” in Sharon. A large group of women in the
costumes of the suffrage movement will stage a parade through the
heart of the vintage cars parked along Sharon’s main street.  The
parade would culminate at the town circle, where the marching women
will form a semi-circle behind the “featured speaker” as a backdrop
for her impassioned soap box remarks. Her speech, delivered by a
professional actress and composed of actual quotations from suffrage
literature, will make strong arguments for women’s right to vote,
which became law in 1920.

As part of the reenactment, a storefront near the speaker’s
site will be converted into the headquarters for the opposition, men
organized to fight the women’s vote initiative.
The event fulfills the educational mission of the Friends of
WHS, support organization for the state’s historical society.

Photos courtesy Sharon Main Street Assn.

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