June 25th, 2014: Annual Meeting & Adventure into History

It’s a History Mystery Tour!

One fairly common area once set aside in cities is now getting rather hard to find. But it still lives on in the city of Waukesha–and we have the evidence! Famous people were not uncommon in Waukesha–some arriving¬†after they were famous, but some owing a part of their ability to become a leader in their field to time spent in Waukesha. And here’s a clue too…sometimes it wasn’t the person that we remember, but what they left behind!

The Waukesha County Museum, located in downtown Waukesha, exhibits substantiation of the many lives of the area–some of them still mysterious to this day. But maybe WE can crack the code!

To join us on this year’s Annual Meeting and Adventure into History, and to help solve Waukesha’s history mysteries, please print, fill out, and mail in the right side of the¬†info and registration form below!

Annual Meeting 2014

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