Wednesday, June 26: Annual Meeting 2019

Annual Meeting 2019 Postcard


Please click on, print, fill out, and mail the form below to register:

Annual Meeting 2019 Form

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2 Responses to “Wednesday, June 26: Annual Meeting 2019”

  1. Chuck and Gwen Hatfield says:

    Gwen and I will be attending the 2019 Annual Meeting. We will be boarding the bus in Madison. I will mail in the form and a check.
    Chuck Hatfield

  2. Frank Beaman says:

    Room for two more? My registration and membership is in the mail, but I’d like to reserve a place for wife Sandee and me on the bus to Delafield.

    Frank Beaman, former Board member and friend of Chuck Hatfield and Brad Steinmetz, who tipped me off about this event.

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